1. Provide an overview of the situation in Quebec.
  2. Identify management tools and measures for circularity.
  3. Identify best practices and policies framework and use, here and internationally.

Examples of Research Questions and Issues

  • How can multiscalar and multidimensional analyses (social, economic, entrepreneurial, environmental) contribute to the internal and external coherence of circular economy policies?
  • Beyond measuring circularity, what indicators, data, and tools can be used for the design, redesign, optimization, implementation, and evaluation of public policies?
  • How can public needs and values be considered in the development of indicators?
  • How can objectives be identified?
  • How can access to key data be managed to promote research and utilization?

Steering Committee

The TPS C4, which deals with public policies, is managed by a team responsible for proposing TPS orientations.

Catherine Beaudry

Ph.D., Professor at Polytechnique Montréal

Alvar Herrera

Student at Polytechnique Montréal

Mobilized Experts

In addition to the steering committee members, the experts from C4 are also included. Regularly mobilized to provide their perspectives and expertise, they help to broaden representation of the diversity of public policies, and to encourage reflection on the subject of measurements, indicators and tools.

Getting involved in C4

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C4 Activities

Projects Led by C4

The steering committee of C4 identifies directions and coordinates research projects to advance knowledge. You can get involved in these projects at any time by expressing your interest via the form.

Indicator database

The aim of this project is to build a database on circular economy indicators in relation to public policy by analyzing the indicators used in projects funded by the RRECQ.

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Circularity indicators in Quebec organizations

This project aims to develop a set of weighted indicators integrating social, economic and environmental dimensions.

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Other Initiatives Related to C4

Projects funded by the RRECQ
  • Fast fashion: destruction of unsold items and public (Project led by Sophie Bernard) > Discover
  • Co-construction of a local understanding of the circular economy: vision, assessment and governance in Saint-Hyacinthe (Project led by Thi Thanh Hien Pham) > Discover
  • Involving consumers in the circular economy of plastics (Project led by Myriam Ertz) > Discover
  • Circular cities and regions in Canada: exploratory analysis of policy instruments and territorial and political-administrative conditions inherent in various circularity strategies (Project led by Juste Rajaonson) > Discover
  • Moving away from single-use plastics – public policies and levers for a sustainable plastics circular economy (Project led by Sophie Bernard) > Discover
  • Democratic and participatory governance models in social economy and sustainability in circular economy (Project led by Martine Vézina) > Discover
  • Mapping the political economy of regional electricity integration in northeastern Canada and the United States (Project led by Mark Purdon) > Discover
  • A modular ecolabel for eco-efficient and circular tourism: the case of an outfitter in Québec (Project led by Sophie Bernard) > Discover
  • Ecosystems of reuse in construction: Development of support media to stimulate the reuse of constructive elements (Project led by Ivanka Iordanova) > Discover

13 Flagship Projects and Themes

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