• Behavior
  • Change management
  • Comparative methods
  • Consumer
  • Plastic
  • Recycling


This action research study is led in partnership with the consulting firm 5REDO, which has already created an in-house capacity to facilitate decision making and the assessment and analysis of scenarios with respect to mechanical and chemical recycling technologies, as well as the use of more sustainable plastic materials. But that capacity does not consider how consumers could contribute to recycling efforts.

The main objective of the partnership is to expand 5REDO’s capacity to consider and leverage consumer behaviours when developing circular solutions for plastic. The project will complement and broaden 5REDO’s expertise in the area through three key objectives:

  1. Provide a comprehensive overview of how consumer engagement can be leveraged to accelerate the transition to a circular economy for plastics.
  2. Estimate the influence of internal and external consumer factors and their interactions to assess how consumers could be involved in initiatives to improve the end-of-life management of plastics.
  3. Prospectively assess plastics flows in Canada to 2030 through different scenarios based on the influence of consumer behaviours and specific consumer engagement initiatives.

Affiliated research axes

Axis 1: Change and Transition Management

1.2 – Conceptualize the intended transition to a circular Québec 2026–2050
1.3 – Identify means to mobilize all societal stakeholders for the circular economy


Mahdi Takaffoli


Ophela Zhang

The RRECQ is supported by the Fonds de recherche du Québec.
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