The project aims to identify and acknowledge the democratic and participatory governance models and mechanisms of social economy enterprises (SEEs) that are conducive to sustainability in a circular economy.

Very few empirical studies have focused on the contributions, conditions and modalities of democratic, participatory and inclusive governance as a lever for the implementation of circular systems. Yet, the research conducted over the past few years by Territoires innnovants en économie sociale et solidaire (TIESS) on circular business models in a social economy has increasingly emphasized the need to better understand the democratic and participatory governance models that are at work.

The project is part of an initiative led by TIESS for the past five years and aims to position and deploy the social economy as a partner in a sustainable circular economy. The four team members are also contributing to an international research network on the social economy and circular economy that is currently under development at the initiative of two of the team’s researchers.

The RRECQ is supported by the Fonds de recherche du Québec.
Fonds de recherche - Québec