Driving the Transition to a More Circular Economy

A network of researchers to strengthen our capacity to deploy circularity strategies at industrial and territorial levels, supported by coherent government policies, to further a sustainable societal transition.

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A community of research leaders in Québec and beyond



An interdisciplinary and systemic scientific approach



Programming that fosters knowledge sharing


A New, More Sustainable and    Fair Model

The circular economy aims to break the link between economic growth and natural resource depletion. It is a framework of 12 strategies, prioritized according to life cycle thinking, for doing more, and better, with less.


The transition to a circular economic model calls for an interdisciplinary and systemic scientific approach. The Québec Circular Economy Research Network (RRECQ) aims to combine research and training in circular economy with the needs of society. The RRECQ stands at the interface between research and society to bring concerted, concrete and sustainable solutions to organizations, communities and individuals through its research, training and transfer activities.



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Spotlight on a Few of Our Projects

The RRECQ funds research that contributes to the development of an innovative scientific culture driven by the circular economy.

Involving the Consumer in the Circular Economy

The research conducted by Myriam Ertz, professor at UQAC and co-lead for research axis 1 of the RRECQ, will accelerate the transition to a circular economy for plastics by quantifying consumer involvement in the material’s end-of-life management.

Circular Cities and Regions in Canada: an Exploratory Analysis...

Juste Rajaonson, professor at UQAM, and Fanny Tremblay-Racicot, professor at ENAP and co-lead for research axis 4 of the RRECQ, are seeking to determine the processes, policies and methods that enable cities and regions to design and deploy circular economy policies that are adapted to their spatial and socioeconomic contexts.

Collaboratewith the Network

Promoting action research in collaboration with a variety of socio-economic partners, the RRECQ offers the opportunity to work together to solve current and future challenges. Want to collaborate with the Network?

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The RRECQ is supported by the Fonds de recherche du Québec.
Fonds de recherche - Québec