Following the fifth call for projects, the Network is funding 9 research projects to advance knowledge of the circular economy and accelerate the transition.

  • Optimization potential of local energy ecosystems: analysis from a circular economy perspective, led by Annie Levasseur, professor at ÉTS, in collaboration with Jean Dubé, professor at ÉTS, and Patrick Lachapelle, student at ÉTS.
  • Urban metabolism as transition management tool for the circular economy? Study of a transition arena in urban planning, led by Franck Scherrer, professor at Université de Montréal, in collaboration with Fanny Tremblay-Racicot, professor at ENAP, Philippe Genois-Lefrançois, doctoral student at Université de Montréal, and Creative Capital.
  • Towards the Development of a Sustainable and Circular Economy Strategy for Waste Smartphone Glass – A Novel Remanufacturing Approach for E-waste Valorization, led by Lucas Hof, professor at ÉTS, in collaboration with Sabrina Gravel professor at Université de Montréal, and Seyed Ali Delbari, doctoral student at ÉTS.
  • Modular and Reusable Metastructures with Interlocked Interfaces for Circular Sustainable Construction, led by Hamid Akbarzadeh, professor at McGill University, in collaboration with Sara Rankohi, professor at UQAM, and Hossein Mofatteh, doctoral student at McGill University.
  • Recycling of 3D-printed plastic accessories used in radiation oncology, led by Emna Helal, researcher at ÉTS, in collaboration with Lucas Hof, professor at ÉTS, Seyed Ali Delbari and Gabriel Matheus Pinto, doctoral student at ÉTS, Julien Dravigné, student at Université de Montréal, and the hospital center of the Université de Montréal (CHUM).
  • The capacity of circular economy to generate quality jobs in Quebec: An exploratoy study, led by Emmanuel Raufflet, professor at HEC, in collaboration with Sara Perez-Lauzon and Vincent Pasquier, professors at HEC.
  • Ecosystems of reuse in construction: Development of support media to stimulate the reuse of constructive elements, led by Ivanka Iordanova, professor at ÉTS, in collaboration with Erik Poirier, professor at ÉTS, Émilie Gobbo, professor at Université Catholique de Louvain, Charlotte Dautremont, post-doctoral student at ÉTS, and GreenWin.
  • Closed-loop supply chains network design for circular economy in winter road maintenance, led by Jean-François Audy, professor at UQTR, in collaboration with Amina Lamghari, doctoral student at UQTR, Sébastien Lange, researcher at Biopterre, Milad Hemmatian, student, and IVÉO.
  • Supporting a circular economy approach in the sustainable leather and fur sector of Quebec, led by Andrée-Anne Hudon Thibeault, researcher at Écofaune Boréale, in collaboration with Myriam Ertz, professor at UQAC, Marie-Ève Faust, professor at UQAM, Stéphanie Panneton, doctoral student at UQAM, and several partners from the leather and fur industry.

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