1. Carry out a systematic and comprehensive mapping of concepts related to the circular economy (definitions and relationships between concepts).
  2. Identify and/or create analytical frameworks based on these concepts.
  3. Contribute to the development of a common vocabulary for the circular economy in collaboration with various stakeholders
  4. Develop and maintain a series of webinars aimed at deepening the understanding of associated themes and providing diverse and innovative insights

Examples of Research Questions and Issues

How can we clarify the vague terminology that characterizes the circular economy, revealing difficulties in:

  • the relationships between macro-concepts (umbrella concepts or paradigms) that conceptualize the links between the economy, society, and the environment
  • the connections between the circular economy and schools of thought that constitute it, such as industrial ecology, the blue economy, cradle-to-cradle approach, functional economy, and collaborative economy
  • the concepts inherent to circularity, such as unintended effects

Work will be carried out on a lexicon and at the epistemological level.

Mobilized Experts

TPS D1, which deals with the lexicon and epistemology of the circular economy, is made up of experts who are regularly called upon to contribute their points of view and expertise. The experts contribute to the reflections and projects of the TPS.

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Support from the Office Québecois de la langue française

The aim of this project was to develop a lexicon of terms used in the field of the circular economy.

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