”Regards croisés pour une transition juste” / Crossed perspectives for a just transition

The need for change in response to environmental challenges, both in terms of resource preservation and the quality of life of natural (biodiversity) and man-made (quality of life of citizens) ecosystems, implies the participation of a large number of players from a wide range of disciplines and sectors. Doing research in today’s context requires synergy between multiple skills, be they scientific, disciplinary, interpersonal or political, to name but a few. The aim of this colloquium is to bring together different viewpoints in order to identify the obstacles and levers to the complementarity of approaches and expertise needed to meet the challenges associated with a just transition.

With the growing complexity of the issues associated with the evolution of our societies, the identification of strategies conducive to operationalizing sustainable development and deploying a circular economy relies on collaborative approaches conducive to the emergence of transdisciplinary practices. The scientific community is consequently called upon to develop an integrated and inclusive vision of knowledge that enables systemic approaches to complex issues, the results of which lead to long-term sustainable solutions that are fair to all stakeholders. In this context, it is important to highlight research that fosters social, ecological and technological transitions in order to exchange and cross-fertilize our views on the impact of research for a just transition.

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