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This project aims to shed lights on a strategy for fabricating environmentally-friendly architected cellular materials out of waste wood pellets and biopolymers. The project focuses on recycling and valorization of waste materials from the construction and agricultural/forestry sectors by conducting a process that includes material processing, filament production, and 3D printing of advanced composites. The biocomposites are engineered to simultaneously reduce weight and enhance mechanical properties, emphasizing on the integration of circular economy principles and the utilization of cellular structures to maximize mechanical performance while minimizing material consumption.

Offering carbon circulation and storage, this project contributes to combating climate change and is aligned with global efforts to mitigate greenhouse gas emission.

Affiliated research axes

Axis 3: Resource and Product Maximization

3.1 – Map the knowledge and potential of product circularization
3.2 – Develop a conceptual framework of tools that may be mobilized to identify better circularization scenarios for products, components and resources at the end of their life cycles
3.3 – Identify models for product circularization strategies


  • Hamid Akbarzadeh

    Ph.D., CRC Associate professor
  • Lucas Hof

  • Nicole Demarquette

    Ph.D. Professor


Ehsan Estakhrianhaghighi

McGill student
The RRECQ is supported by the Fonds de recherche du Québec.
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