The project seeks to gain more basic knowledge of the recyclability of the plastic used in a medical context. By focusing on the particular context of 3D printed boluses for radiation therapy in cancer patients, the initiative will assess the influence of recycling processes and radiotherapy treatments on the structure and properties of the material (PLA, polylactic acid) before it is reused in treatment.

The project has three sub-objectives:

  1. Determine the extent to which repeated shredding-extrusion-3D printing shaping affects the properties of PLA.
  2. Determine the influence of radiation treatment (i.e., repeated application of high-energy photons or electrons) and the regular application of cleaning agents on the polymer’s properties.
  3. Evaluate the combined effect of shaping and radiotherapy treatment on the recyclability of PLA.
The RRECQ is supported by the Fonds de recherche du Québec.
Fonds de recherche - Québec