• Comparative methods
  • Cooperation
  • First Nations
  • Social and solidarity economy
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The project aims to study different ways of thinking about cooperation in Québec and Canada (which are far from being circular but still have a strong tradition of social economy) in an effort to shed new light on the challenge.

Three variants of cooperation that are similar and different in their own ways and important in the Québec context will be explored: cooperatives and the cooperative movement, the tree of cooperation and First Nations, common goods and degrowth.

Affiliated research axes

Axis 1: Change and Transition Management

1.1 – Establish a reference framework for the circular economy


  • Yves-Marie Abraham

    Adjunct Professor
  • Rafael Ziegler

    Ph.D. Adjunct Professor
  • Emmanuel Raufflet

    Full Professor


Karine Awashish

Université Laval

Jean-Loup Crété


Julie Coquerel

The RRECQ is supported by the Fonds de recherche du Québec.
Fonds de recherche - Québec