Membership Category

  • Associate


  • Université Concordia


  • Physical Engineering

Scientific activities and affiliations

  • Building, Civil, and Environmental Engineering
  • Canada Excellence Research Chair in Smart, Sustainable and Resilient Communities and Cities
  • Next-Generation Cities Institute


Prof. Ursula Eicker is the Canada Excellence Research Chair (CERC) in Smart, Sustainable and Resilient Cities and Communities at Concordia University Montreal. She is a German physicist who received her PhD in Solid State Physics from Heriot-Watt University and her Habilitation in Renewable Energy Systems from the Berlin Technical University. Prof. Eicker has held leadership positions at the Stuttgart University of Applied Sciences and its Centre for Sustainable Energy Technologies, and has coordinated many international research projects in the fields of building energy efficiency, renewable energy systems and urban scale simulation.
Since June 2019, she has led an ambitious research program to establish transformation strategies toward zero-carbon cities. Around 50 graduate students work on pathways to zero-carbon cities in the domains of the built environment, renewable energy systems, sustainable transport and circular economy.

Affiliated research axes

Change and Transition Management

Planning Optimization

Resource and Product Maximization

Policy levers

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