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  • EM Normandie Business School


  • Economy
  • Human Geography


  • Social sciences
  • Territory
  • Territorial governance
  • Quantitative approaches
  • Qualitative approaches
  • Geography
  • Public policies

Scientific activities and affiliations

  • Metis Lab


Sébastien Bourdin is Professor of Economic Geography at EM Normandie Business School. He holds the Chaire d'Excellence européenne sur l'économie circulaire. He holds a PhD and an Habilitation to Supervise Research in Geography. He specializes in the study of the European Union and cohesion policy issues. His work focuses on territorial development, regional inequalities, energy transition and public policy evaluation. His research uniquely combines quantitative methods - spatial econometrics, statistics and modeling - with qualitative methods for in-depth analysis. Sébastien Bourdin has led several landmark research projects on topical issues such as renewable energies and the circular economy.

Affiliated research axes

Change and Transition Management

Planning Optimization

Resource and Product Maximization

Policy levers

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