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  • Sustainable materials and bio products
  • Sustainable additive manufacturing
  • Modular structural design
  • Sustainable energy production
  • Recyclable multifunctional metamaterials


Dr. Abdolhamid (Hamid) Akbarzadeh is a Canada Research Chair in Multifunctional Metamaterials, an Associate Professor (Bio-inspired material design) in the Bioresource Engineering Department, an Associate Member (Solid mechanics) in Mechanical Engineering Department, the Director of Advanced Multifunctional and Multiphysics Metamaterials Lab (AM3L) at McGill University, and the recipient of CSME’s I.W. Smith Award in 2023. He joined McGill as a Faculty member in 2015 after two and half years of working on advanced architected cellular solids as an NSERC Postdoctoral Fellow in the Mechanical Engineering Departments at McGill University and University of New Brunswick. His research and training program at AM3L is aligned with systematic design, multiscale multiphysical modeling, and 3D printing of programmable and smart multifunctional metamaterials and metastructures. To date, his contributions have led to 6 patent applications/reports of invention and 119 published articles in high-impact journals like Advanced Materials, Advanced Functional Materials, Advanced Science, Nature Communications, Acta Materialia, Carbon, Applied Materials Today, and Energy Storage Materials.

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Change and Transition Management

Planning Optimization

Resource and Product Maximization

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