During this webinar, we will have the opportunity to discover the results of three projects funded by the RRECQ. Please note that the presentation will be in French.

Lifecycle analysis of the functionality economy model

Sylvain Cordier will present the research results of his project entitled “Modeling the life-cycle environmental impacts of emerging economic models: the case of the economy of functionality”, conducted in collaboration with Ben Amor and Léontine du Réau.

Geopolitical risks related to Canadian supplies of minerals essential for batteries

Irune Echevarria will present the research results of her project entitled “Avenues for advancing a regional circular strategy for the lithium-ion battery supply chain in North America”, carried out under the supervision of Sophie Bernard.

Understand the expectations and needs of local players in a region’s circular transition

Valérie Lacombe will present the research results of her project entitled “Co-constructing a local understanding of the circular economy: imaginary, evaluation and governance in Saint-Hyacinthe”, conducted in collaboration with Hiên Pham, Juste Rajaonson and Fabien Kerambrun.

About the speakers

Sylvain Cordier

After graduating in mechanical and energy engineering in France, Sylvain Cordier trained in life cycle assessment (LCA) and environmental management. He then completed his doctorate in civil engineering at LIRIDE, Université de Sherbrooke. His thesis dealt with the modeling of a consequential dynamic LCA of the growing use of wood in non-residential construction.

Irune Echevarria

Irune is a recent graduate of Polytechnique Montréal, where she obtained a Master’s degree in Industrial Engineering. Her research focused on studying the geopolitical risk of critical mineral supply chains from a Canadian perspective. With a background in sustainability management and international relations, Irune has integrated economics, environmental adaptation and international trade into her analysis. She is about to continue this research as part of her PhD on the same subject.

Valérie Lacombe

Valérie Lacombe is a doctoral candidate in environmental sciences at UQAM, under the co-direction of professors Hiên Pham and Juste Rajaonson. Her academic background includes a master’s degree in environmental management from the Université de Sherbrooke, which laid the foundations for her current expertise. Valérie is working on an innovative thesis that explores the circularity potential of Canadian cities and regions through a unique perspective centered on the urban food system. Her work examines the strategies, mechanisms and discourses that shape the urban food system, with a particular focus on the concept of rational utopia in relation to the multi-level perspective.

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