The principles of the circular economy are becoming increasingly important in companies’ sustainable development strategies. They are changing their business models to make them more circular. What are these new circular business models? How are companies transforming their existing business models to make them more circular? What is the impact of these new circular business models on the company’s value and cost of capital?

About the speakers

Yves De Rongé

Yves De Rongé is a full professor at the Louvain School of Management (UCLouvain), where he directs the Candriam Chair in Circular and Regenerative Economy. After obtaining an MBA from Booth at the University of Chicago and spending several years in the business world, he completed a PhD at UCLouvain. Former dean of the Louvain School of Management, his main research areas focus on management control of sustainability strategies, sustainability reporting, circular economy, and regenerative economy.

Oriol Izquierdo Montfort

Oriol is a Ph.D. student in economics and management at UCLouvain, affiliated with the Candriam Chair in Circular and Regenerative Economy. After obtaining his bachelor’s and master’s degrees in international management at ESADE (Spain), he spent three years as an entrepreneur and five years as a consultant specializing in regional economic development in various sectors and countries. In 2020, he shifted to the academic field to study the mechanisms and implications of circular business models.

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