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The SME Circularity Index 4.0 is an online tool that enables SMEs to become aware of the circularity practices they can adopt (awareness-raising), the positive spin-offs that result, to obtain an assessment of their level of maturity on the subject (diagnosis), and above all to be directed towards similar SMEs that are champions in the field (guide to action).

By means of an intelligent recommendation system, IC- PME- 4.0 aims to stimulate emulation between SMEs. The system will suggest to them models of SMEs that have integrated beneficial circularity practices and have a profile comparable to their own on several dimensions (e.g. size, sector, positioning in the value chain, owner of facilities or not; to be specified from the data). The system also enables the collection of cross-sectional (portrait) and longitudinal data essential to support informed research.

Affiliated research axes

Axis 2: Planning Optimization

2.1 – Support the development and use of tools to analyze and monitor the circular economy
2.2 – Develop indicators to measure circularity
2.3 – Establish and maintain local, national and international circularity inventories


  • François Labelle

  • Rahma Chouchane

    Ph.D. Postdoctoral fellow under the supervision of François Labelle


Thang Ledinh

Professor at UQTR

Chan Nam Nguyen

Student at l'UQTR

Paul Muamba

Economic Development and Employability Network of Canada
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