• Change management
  • Territory
Amount granted
15 000 $

Affiliated research axes

Axis 1: Change and Transition Management

1.1 – Establish a reference framework for the circular economy
1.2 – Conceptualize the intended transition to a circular Québec 2026–2050

Axis 3: Resource and Product Maximization

3.2 – Develop a conceptual framework of tools that may be mobilized to identify better circularization scenarios for products, components and resources at the end of their life cycles

Axis 4: Policy levers

4.3 – Ensure the consistency and relevance of levers


  • Juste Rajaonson

    Ph.D. Professor
  • Chedrak Chembessi

    Ph.D. Assistant Professor
The RRECQ is supported by the Fonds de recherche du Québec.
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