• Decision support
  • Performance indicators
  • Supply chain
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This project aims to leverage Industry 4.0 technologies to help assess sustainability and circular economy (CE) strategies in supply chains (SCs), through the development of an advanced analytical decision support tool. This tool would be fed by data collected from several business units of a distributed and connected SC, via data feeds. Data on current operations would be presented to managers for visualization in different forms/levels of detail, to facilitate understanding and effective decision-making, remotely and in real-time, in a control room (semi-immersive decision-making space). Thanks to this tool, it would be possible to have visibility of the entire CA and to trace products in real-time, enabling system vulnerabilities to be identified and strategies, including CV strategies, to be deployed to avoid product breakages or losses (e.g. with limited shelf life).

Affiliated research axes

Axis 2: Planning Optimization

2.2 – Develop indicators to measure circularity
2.4 – Plan and optimize the production of products and delivery of services in the context of the circular economy

Axis 3: Resource and Product Maximization

3.1 – Map the knowledge and potential of product circularization


  • Tasseda Boukheroub

    Ph.D., Eng. Professor
  • Jean-François Audy

    Eng.f., M.Sc., Ph.D. Adjunct Professor


Darine Ameyed


Marc-André Gaudreau


Pierre Ricard


Mathieu Faure

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