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  • Université du Québec à Montréal - UQAM


  • Human Geography
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  • Urban sustainability
  • Small and medium-sized cities
  • Urbanization in developing countries
  • Urban form
  • Green and public open spaces
  • Urban agriculture

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Change and Transition Management

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Projects funded by the RRECQ

Co-construction of a local understanding of the circular economy: vision, assessment and governance in Victoriaville


The project examines the CE vision, governance and practices at a municipal level.

It focuses on three key CE sectors: food, energy (including transportation) and waste (Keblowski et al 2020). Two key research issues are raised:

  1. How do stakeholders understand CE as a concept and what is their understanding of CE practices and assessment in a city and region like Victoriaville?
  2. How is CE governed and practiced by different political and social stakeholders?

The questions will be explored from the perspectives of the concepts of the socio-technological vision and the governance of the socioecological transition.


  • Circular economy
  • Energy policy
  • Governance
  • Residual materials
  • Transition
  • Transport
The RRECQ is supported by the Fonds de recherche du Québec.
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