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Professor Lachance-Tremblay is an engineer with a master's degree and a doctorate in engineering, specializing in the study of pavement material behaviour. His thesis was co-directed with the University of Lyon, France. Before joining the faculty at ÉTS, he worked for nearly 4 years in the road infrastructure and construction materials industry. His expertise was put to good use as an expert in failure investigations and legal appraisals for civil engineering projects.

Since September 2021, he has held a full-time professorship in Construction Engineering at the École de Technologie Supérieure. His research activities focus on traditional and non-traditional building materials. Concerned with reducing the construction industry's impact on the environment, Professor Lachance-Tremblay's research projects aim to increase the circularity of existing materials, and to ensure that new materials are in line with the principles of circular engineering. He is also interested in developing new quality control and performance monitoring testing methods to improve the durability of roads undergoing rehabilitation.

At the same time, Professor Lachance-Tremblay is pursuing part-time graduate studies in law. He is particularly interested in notions relating to the professional liability of engineers and the role of the expert in construction disputes. Professor Lachance-Tremblay's technical expertise and knowledge of the legal field mean that he is often called upon to act as an expert witness in construction-related disputes.

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