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  • Lorraine's university


  • Material Engineering and Metallurgic Engineering
  • Mining Engineering and Geological Engineering


  • Recycling
  • Hydrometallurgical processes
  • Recovery of metals contained in primary and secondary resources (metals for energy and digital transitions, and electric mobility)

Scientific activities and affiliations



After working on the electrochemistry of lithium-ion batteries in France and the electrocatalytic hydrogenation of organic compounds in Canada, Prof. Alexandre Chagnes started a research activity in the field of hydrometallurgy between 2005 and 2016 at Chimie Paristech (Paris) as Associate Professor. Since 2016, he is Full Professor at Université de Lorraine. He was former director of the national network on extractive metallurgy (Promethee) in 2014-2020, Director of the Industrial Partnerships between 2018-2022 at the Engineering School of Geology (Nancy, France), and he is currently Scientific Director of the LabEx RESSOURCES21, which gathers nine laboratories involved in the value chain of metals for the energy transition. Prof. Alexandre Chagnes aims at developing fundamental research on the comprehension of the physicochemistry involved in processes for the recovery of metals from primary and secondary resources in order to develop new processes or improve existing processes. Presently, most of its research activities are focused on recycling of lithium-ion batteries and e-wastes, and the production of metals for the energy transition. He has been published 148 papers, 7 books, 10 book chapters and 2 patents in solution chemistry, thermodynamic, electrochemistry or separation science and he has been given 168 talks in national and international meetings.

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Change and Transition Management

Planning Optimization

Resource and Product Maximization

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