Alongside the formal student membership (who must be supervised by members in academic research), the RRECQ offers committed and motivated students the opportunity to contribute to the co-creation of a circular economy student network built on their initiatives, interests and vision of circularity at all scales.

Driven by the energy of co-creation, the willingness to enrich current projects and spin-off ideas, the RRECQ aims to create:

  • a space for exchange and experience sharing and a hub for knowledge mobilization; and  
  • opportunities for people to learn more about each other and share the projects that are meaningful to them to spark circular synergies.

Any student with the ambition to help society move toward a more equitable, more sustainable and more circular model should join the circular economy student network.  

Ainsi, toute personne étudiante portée par l’ambition d’amener la société vers un modèle plus juste, durable et circulaire, est invitée à rejoindre le réseau étudiant en économie circulaire. 

Become a Student Member

If your academic supervisor is a member of the RRECQ, find out more about becoming a student member.

Join the Student Network

To get involved in the student network, sign up to take part in upcoming meetings.

The RRECQ is supported by the Fonds de recherche du Québec.
Fonds de recherche - Québec